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Here at 1st in Smiles, we are big fans of Invisalign orthodontics. This style of orthodontic treatment works well for patients of our Plano, TX dentist office, and our patients tell us that they cannot believe how simple and easy the entire process is!

Are you looking for an option for fast braces that will also be hidden from view of those around you? You are looking for a solution like Invisalign. To help you see just how incredible this process is, we are giving you our top five list! Our top five reasons to love Invisalign clear braces. Take a look at what’s available to you, and then give us a call!

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a state-of-the-art orthodontic solution that is created with the help of computer technology. Your Invisalign experience will begin with digital impressions, which are loaded into a computer program and used to plan and design your entire treatment process. Those plans are then turned into the actual appliances you will use. We call them aligners, but they really look like thin whitening trays. Continue reading to see why these trays are so special!

Reason 1: They Are Clear!

Unlike traditional wire braces, Invisalign braces are perfectly clear. Unless they really know what they’re looking for, no one around you will notice your aligners. We’ve heard of dental staff members wearing Invisalign while they work in a dental office, and patients have no idea! Having clear aligners is a huge advantage to patients who interact with people throughout the day.

Confident Smile

You want to have a confident smile, and Invisalign will allow you to do that. Because the aligners are clear, you’ll never feel embarrassed or ashamed of your look. You can laugh, talk, and smile just as you would with only your natural teeth because as far as everyone else knows, you don’t have anything else in your mouth!

Reason 2: They Are Comfortable!

One of the big downsides of traditional metal braces is the fact that they are uncomfortable. This is especially true in the first couple of weeks as you adjust to wearing them, but even as your treatment progresses, your gums, cheeks, and lips will suffer damage from the rough metal brackets and wires rubbing against your soft tissues.

No Need for Wax

In a traditional orthodontic office, they hand you a bag of wax. It’s your only protection. Loose wire? Rough bracket? Tender cheeks or lips? Painful poking inside your mouth? Throw some wax on it! That’s not the case with Invisalign. The aligners are smooth plastic that is comfortable against all of the soft tissues in your mouth.

Reason 3: They Are Clean!

Metal braces have a lot of parts that work together to move your teeth. Those parts have gaps, crannies, nooks, and empty space that collects food particles every time you eat. To protect yourself from decay and damage underneath your brackets, you have to brush your teeth and pick your brackets after each meal. Talk about a time-suck!

No Picking Required

Invisalign doesn’t require any picking after meals because you can remove your aligners before you eat! Once you are finished, rinse your mouth and place your aligners back in! You can remove your aligners when it’s time to brush and floss your teeth. All you need to do is gently brush your aligner while you’re at it, and it will stay fresh and clean.

Reason 4: They Are Removable!

Imagine a big event (like a wedding) while you have brace face. Every picture. Every moment. Every memory of that event will contain your ugly metal braces. Even if you are able to hide your braces in photos, your smile definitely won’t look natural! Don’t let metal braces ruin another family event.

Enjoy Special Occasions

Invisalign aligners are removable. Ideally you will wear your aligners for 22 hours out of every day, removing them only to eat and care for your teeth. However, you also have the freedom to remove your aligners for special occasions, like weddings, graduations, or reunions!

Reason 5: They Are Fast!

Traditional metal braces are generally worn for two to three years before treatment is complete. That time is spent waiting for your teeth to be pulled by the wires and shifted into place. In extreme cases, treatment can last even longer than that!

Beats Regular Braces Every Time

Invisalign will generally beat traditional braces in a race every time. Average Invisalign treatment is 12-18 months, though some patients are finished sooner than that (and others have treatment that lasts longer). You can have your brand new smile even sooner with Invisalign, and that’s the best news for someone wanting to improve their smile!

Learn More Today!

Are you ready to get the smile of your dreams with Invisalign? Contact our office to set up an appointment or consultation. We would love to show you what is available and help you make the best decision for YOUR smile. Call today because we can’t wait to get started!