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Root Canals in Plano Save Teeth Threatened by Infection

If you have a persistently aching tooth, you may need a root canal procedure. Those dreaded words keep many people from going to the dentist to seek treatment because of all the horror stories they’ve heard. But root canals in Plano are nothing to fear at 1st In Smiles. Dr. Rick Barfield and his knowledgeable team have performed countless root canals and can easily relieve your pain, thanks to their skilled work and use of advanced technology.

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Root Canal Therapy Will

  • Relieve pain caused by infection
  • Save your tooth so you won’t need an extraction, saving you the expense of replacing a tooth
  • Keep you healthy by preventing infection from spreading from your tooth to other parts of your body

If you think you may need a root canal procedure, call 972-380-8105. Remember, same-day care is usually available for dental emergencies. 1st In Smiles is so confident in our ability to successfully perform root canal treatment, we offer a warranty if you have any problems not caused by lack of proper care.

With Technology & Sedation, Your Root Canal Procedure Will Go Well

Root canals are usually simple procedures that take one to three appointments depending on your case. Dr. Barfield uses technology like our digital X-rays and intraoral camera to carefully plan your procedure. If more than one appointment is required, we may use a temporary filling to seal the tooth and protect it between visits.

Many people find the treatment no more painful than getting a tooth filling. We’ll numb your mouth beforehand so you won’t feel a thing. If you’re still concerned about discomfort, you can receive one of our three kinds of sedation. You can also watch TV or listen to music while we work.

Don’t Ignore Signs You May Need a Root Canal

Because there is danger of losing your tooth if a root canal isn’t performed in a timely manner, you should see us ASAP if you’re experiencing these symptoms:

  • Unexplained dental discoloration
  • Pain when chewing or applying pressure to your tooth
  • Sensitivity to heat and cold, especially if the sensitivity continues when the source of the temperature change is removed
  • A bump or swelling on your gums

Don’t let your toothache go untreated! Relief from your pain is just a phone call away. For root canals in Plano, call 972-380-8105.

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