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Reputable Family Dentist in Plano, TX

Comprehensive Dental Care for Every Patient

1st In Smiles offers a family dentist in Plano, TX. Dr. Rick Barfield and the team provide full-service dental care to meet the needs and goals of our patients. We serve everyone from children to adults, individuals to families. We provide routine checkups, exams, and cleanings to assess and maintain optimal oral health. Our services range from general dentistry to complex oral surgery. Whether you want to enhance your smile’s appearance, function, or health, we’ll develop a unique treatment plan that’s customized for you. We’ll make you feel confident and assured in your oral health at your first appointment.

General Dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry
Restorative Dentistry
Emergency Dentistry
Oral Surgery
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An Accommodating & Relaxing Dental Office

We understand the importance of making our patients feel comfortable during dental visits. Our team will alleviate any worries, unease, or anxiety you experience during dental appointments, even during emergencies. We have years of training and experience and offer our knowledge to keep patients informed about their oral health conditions and treatments. We are open, honest, and communicative and make patients feel comfortable to discuss their conditions and treatments with us. Patients of all ages and backgrounds feel relaxed and at peace in our judgment-free office. You’ll feel good knowing you’re receiving exceptional dental care from a caring and committed team.

We Provide Convenient Patient Experiences

At 1st In Smiles, we strive to make the process for dental patients in Plano, TX smooth and seamless. We correct dental decay, disease, crooked teeth, missing teeth, and misaligned smiles in one convenient location. Using the latest dental technology and equipment, we can conduct minor and significant treatments quickly and effectively. We help our patients with filing their patient forms and establishing payment plans to help them navigate successfully. Our personalized treatments make the patient experience streamlined and focused on specific needs. Our team will guide you from beginning to end and work with you to achieve the perfect smile.

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