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Dedicated Restorative Dentistry in Plano, TX

1st In Smiles enables the mouth to function again by performing restorative dentistry in Plano, TX. We treat a wide range of concerns related to oral health and aesthetics. Dr. Barfield has over 30 years of experience correcting damages and conditions of the mouth, gums, and teeth. Our team provides reconstructive dental care and applies implants, crowns, and bridges to complete smiles. We aim to rejuvenate your smile and return your oral health to excellent condition.

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How Can Restorative Dentistry Help Me?

Don’t feel bad about your missing tooth. Most Americans have one or missing teeth. Tooth loss and damage can happen because of many factors, including decay, disease, and severe trauma. It’s our job to return your teeth to normal and improve your smile. Our restorative dental services are for the following:

  • Replacing one, multiple, or all missing teeth
  • Preventing compromised teeth from getting lost
  • Preventing further damage, decay, or disease
  • Repairing the teeth, mouth, and gums
  • Repairing or replacing dental appliances
  • Filling cavities and helping your teeth heal
  • Restoring cracked, chipped, or broken teeth

Receive Top-Tier Restorative Dental Care

Many people dismiss their oral health conditions, which only worsens the problem. Seeking treatment as soon as possible is vital to renewing your oral health and preventing further decay, disease, and damage. It will return comfort to your life and allow you to perform your daily activities without pain and discomfort. Be able to speak, eat, and chew like normal again. Dr. Barfield and the team provide the following restorative dental services for patients in need:

Dental Implants
Dentures / Partials / Bridges
Inlays / Onlays

Making Smiles Feel Like New

Restorative dental procedures offer many benefits, including strengthened bones and jaws, full and natural-looking smiles, and alleviated pain and discomfort. They are highly common and performed in 1st In Smiles‘s office daily. Whether you need to prevent further tooth decay and disease or want to replace one or all of your missing teeth, we have a solution for you. Dr. Barfield and the team will devise a customized care plan to give you a fantastic smile that lasts for years.

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