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Does making a phone call to the dentist cause your palms to sweat? Your heart to race? Your stomach to do somersaults? Do you have trouble feeling at ease at the dentist office? These are all signs of dental anxiety. What we’ve described above is a mild dental anxiety, but some people experience something much worse.

The ADA estimates that anywhere from 10-20% of Americans avoid the dentist completely out of fear. They will not come to the dentist office unless they are in extreme pain, and even then, the patient may choose to avoid the dentist office.

Fear is generally based around past experiences, the influence of Hollywood, or hearing terrifying stories from loved ones around you. Whatever the case, it is important that you find a way to overcome your fear and visit our Plano, TX dentist office so that we can help you preserve your teeth for the rest of your life!

Recognize Your Fear for What It Is

Fear is a funny thing, but fear is not permanent. You have the ability to overcome your fear by facing it and replacing that fear with a great experience at the dentist office. You can’t get that experience anywhere, but we have it here at 1st in Smiles. We can help you overcome your fear and build trust so that you don’t have to sacrifice your oral health any longer.

Decide Oral Health Is More Important Than Fear

There is a famous saying from Franklin D. Rooselvelt that says this: “Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the assessment that something is more important than fear.” This is exactly what we’ve found with dental anxiety.

You have to make a decision that the health of your smile is more important than your fear. The ability to keep your natural teeth, chew comfortably, and enjoy smiling is more important than feeling afraid of the dentist. We can help you along the way.

Making You Comfortable

When you come to 1st in Smiles, we want to make sure that you have a completely comfortable experience. We begin by focusing on the creature comforts that make us all feel better. Take a look below to see what we mean.

Relaxed Staff – Our staff is some of the best in the Dallas area! We select staff members for their friendly demeanors. Their friendly faces will make you feel more comfortable, and their gentle care will help you gain trust in our office.

Private Space – You will have your own space in our office. No one aside from our staff will be paying attention to you. You will have a genuinely private appointment.

Long Appointments – For some patients who feel fear, having time to take things slow is important. We can offer than with longer appointment times. Just let us know that you’re nervous, and we’ll be sure to give you the time that you need!

No Lectures – Most fearful patients aren’t actually afraid of pain. They tend to be more afraid of a lecture. Our office is lecture-free, so you can come in and relax! We’ll never tell you that you should have done better. Instead, we will simply help you get your smile to the level you’d like it to be!

When That’s Not Enough

Creature comforts help patients feel better, but that’s not always enough. Some patients are so terrified that it seems as though nothing will help them relax! In those cases, we turn to dental sedation to help relax the body and mind so that these patients can get great dental care while staying completely comfortable.

Nitrous Oxide – 1st in Smiles offer free nitrous oxide for patients who feel fear during cleanings or procedures. This gaseous sedation take effect immediately and wears off very quickly, which makes it perfect for patients who need to return to work after their appointment!

Oral Conscious – The next step up is oral conscious sedation. Take a prescription medication about an hour before your appointment, and ask a friend to bring you to and from the office. We’ll complete your work while you rest at ease!

IV Sedation – If you’d rather be more deeply sedated, we also offer IV sedation when it is needed. Giving sedation medication through an IV is never something to take lightly, but it is available for patients who need it.

Learn More When You Call Today!

Are you ready to overcome your fears and finally get the healthy mouth you deserve? We are ready to help! Contact our office to set up a consultation or appointment. Let us know about your fear of the dentist, and we will explain your options to you. Call today!