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In the year 700 BC, dental health changed forever. This was the invention of the denture, and it began with an animal jawbone and teeth. People who once lived in what we now call Italy were tired of losing their ability to eat food. If they couldn’t eat the food available, they couldn’t eat.

The first dentures created were definitely uncomfortable, difficult to use, and probably very unsanitary! That being said, it was the idea that we could replace missing teeth that drove the evolution of dentures from that point on. We have now reaped the benefits of that process with modern dentures that fit, function, and look a lot better than the original.

Patients around the world rely on dentures to enable them to breathe. You probably know many people who are living with dentures now and will tell you that their lives are changed. However, that’s not the end of the story for patients at our Plano, TX dentist office.

What’s Next?

There is a problem with dentures. Actually, there are many problems with dentures. Since that first denture, our style has been the same. The idea has never changed. We have progressed and improved the design, but the idea that we can simply slip false teeth in our mouth and make them function as normal cannot happen with the traditional dentures that come to mind. The following are common problems that denture wearers experience every day.

Inability to Chew Well – If your natural teeth give you a bite strength of 100%, dentures give you the bite strength of about 25%. Those things that you enjoy eating: fresh produce, grilled chicken, a chewy pretzel, and more are suddenly off your menu forever.

Discomfort on the Gums – Even the best-fit dentures are never going to be perfectly comfortable. They will still slip and slide around your gums. This discomfort will make you not want to wear your dentures. Unfortunately, that is not an option.

Self-Conscious – Imagine having to check your dentures before you feel like you can smile. Adjusting your teeth with your cheeks and tongue to be sure they are in place before talking with your friend. Dentures make you feel self-conscious!

Implant Solutions

You don’t have to settle for dentures alone any longer. Dental implants can remove all of the worry and discomfort that comes with dentures. The process works very simply. We begin with the dental implant procedure.

Once your implants are in place and have healed, we will attach a connector piece to them. Your dentures will be fitted with a correlating piece so that when you put your dentures in your mouth, they will connect to your dental implants and give you a comfortable fit!

Secure Dentures Improve Your Life

Patients feel an immediate difference in comfort. As soon as they notice the security that they have with the implant supported dentures, they can’t help but smile! They know that they’ll be benefiting from dental implant support for the rest of their lives. Take a look at what that means for these patients.

Better Nutrition – Dental implant support boosts your bite strength up to about 75-80% of what it was when you had all of your natural teeth. That’s an incredible improvement that will allow you to enjoy the healthy, beneficial foods you’ve been missing.

Improved Facial Structure – Rather than watching your jaw bone deteriorate due to a lack of stimulation, you can maintain your facial structure with dental implants. The implants will fuse with your bone to create a sturdy foundation that maintains your youthful profile.

More Confidence – Never second guess your teeth again. You don’t have to do a quick check before smiling or enjoying a tasty bite of food. You can simply open your mouth and enjoy life, just as you did with natural teeth!

Learn More When You Call Today!

It’s time to take control of your smile once again! Contact our office to set up a consultation or appointment. Our staff loves helping patients get back what they’ve been missing, and securing dentures is one of our favorite procedures! Call us today to get started!