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Happy old couple smiling

Happy Dental Implant Month, from your friends at 1st in Smiles!

We’re celebrating every single patient who comes to our Plano, TX practice looking for the best possible way to rebuild their smile after tooth loss. That’s because we already know the good news about dental implants, and today, we’re sharing that news with you!

We’re talking about the power of a dental implant and why it’s the best tooth replacement strategy in modern dentistry!

How Dental Implants Are Different

Standard dental restorations like crowns, bridges, and dentures all serve their purpose in dentistry, particularly when it comes to replacing lost teeth.

But they do little more than fill unsightly gaps left behind in your smile.

Sure, they are meant to restore the function of your mouth, but not to the same degree as natural teeth. That’s because your real teeth are attached to roots that keep your jawbone stimulated, strong, and healthy.

That’s the big difference of a dental implant. Underneath the restoration is an attached implant that’s placed inside the jaw to replace your missing tooth root. It’s a small, screw-like structure that mimics a root and fuses to your jawbone for unparalleled bite strength, almost the same as a natural tooth!

This is the same unique feature that makes dental implants a more permanent dental solution and one that best preserves your long-term oral health.

3 Ways Dental Implants Can Change Your Life

We could go on for days about why dental implants are a superior choice in modern teeth replacement, but today, we’ve narrowed the life-changing benefits down to three:

*Improve Your Nutrition*

Losing teeth means losing oral function. Your eating habits will inevitably change as a result, even with conventional dentures. You’ll be limited to soft, bland foods that won’t test your slippery replacement teeth or irritate your gums.

Dental implants change that fate, restoring nearly all of your bite strength, allowing you to eat a wider variety of delicious foods again, and improving your overall nutrition and health!

*Improve Your Self-Esteem*

The cosmetic benefit is immediate and obvious. Your smile will be complete again, and you’ll look great!

But your confidence and self-esteem improve in another way. With teeth that are locked in place with dental implants, you won’t have the emotional burdens of stress and anxiety about potentially embarrassing denture slips when you smile, speak, or laugh.

When your self-esteem is high because of an improved appearance, you’ll feel more comfortable and courageous in all other areas of your life!

*Improve Your Long-Term Outlook*

Dentures and stand-alone restorations will have to be replaced or readjusted every few years. You have a life to live, so why doom yourself to years of upkeep with temporary dental solutions?

Dental implants are designed to last the rest of your life, fusing naturally to your jawbone so it can thrive. It’s a replacement strategy that truly allows you to put tooth loss behind you and move forward to a better dental health outlook over the long-term.

Call Now to Change Your Life!

Whether you recently lost a tooth or have already experienced the drawbacks of life with conventional dentures, dental implants have the power to truly change your life for the better!

But it has to start with a phone call to your Plano dentist!

Call 1st in Smiles at 972-380-8105 or contact us online to schedule a tooth replacement consultation with Dr. Barfield.