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Almost every week, a patient comes into our office to learn more about implant-supported dentures. Implant-supported dentures are an alternative to traditional dentures; instead of using suction and dentures adhesives to stay in place, implant-supported dentures are held firmly in place with dental implants (a biocompatible metal post that replaces your natural tooth root).

This dental implant procedure allows your dentures to enjoy a much more secure and comfortable fit. After being fitted with implant-secured dentures, our patients often come back to our office to tell us about how much they love their new dentures. So in today’s post of our dental health blog, we’re going to look at seven reasons why our patients choose implant secured dentures. Let’s get started!

Reason #1: You Want Your Grandchildren to Respect You

You love your grandchildren. But like all children, they’re very inquisitive and ask many questions. You’d probably prefer that they not ask you a million questions about your dentures. Or even worse laugh at you if your dentures ever fell out of your mouth! With implant-supported dentures, your grandchildren never even have to know that your dentures are not your natural teeth!

Reason #2: You Could Use a Confidence Booster at Work

Confidence is strongly linked to success in the workplace. You wear a nice suit or dress to feel confident. You keep your hair neatly brushed to feel confident. But what do you do about your smile? Do you really want your dentures to be the subject of gossip around the watercolor? Implant-supported dentures can give you the beautiful smile you need to feel confident around your coworkers.

Reason #3: You Want to Look Good in Social Settings

You’re sitting at a dinner party or a restaurant with some new acquaintance. You’re almost positive that they’ll notice your dentures at some point in the evening. After all, your teeth are one of the first things someone notices about you. If you want to make a good impression, you surely don’t want them to notice your dentures. Because your implant-support dentures will remain securely locked in your mouth, you never again have to worry about giving a bad first impression!

Reason #4: You Want to Eat Your Favorite Foods Again

So many foods are hard to eat with dentures. It can be nearly impossible to take a bite out of an apple. Then just think about how hard it is to eat an ear of corn off of the cob. When you can’t enjoy your favorite foods, you miss out on many memories. It’s the apple you can’t eat in the orchard, the steak you can’t eat after you grill it, and the corn you can’t eat at the family reunion. Implant-supported dentures can change all of that by restoring much of your natural chewing ability.

Reason #5: You’re Sick of Dealing With Dentures Creams

There’s countless numbers of dentures creams and adhesives on the market. Most of them have at least two things in common. First, they are not quite as effective as you’d like them to be. Second, they taste terrible! Implant-supported dentures eliminate the need for any dentures creams or adhesives. Instead your dentures are held securely in place with special hardware attached to dental implants.

Reason #6: You Want to Speak Clearly Again

Ill-fitting dentures don’t just look bad. They can also make it extremely difficult to speak clearly when your fighting to prevent your dentures from falling out of your mouth. Just imagine giving a presentation at work while you can only hope that your dentures stay in place. Some patients even tell us that their traditional dentures give them a lisp! Implant-supported dentures are less likely to cause you difficulties when you’re speaking, ensuring that you can communicate effectively.

Reason #7: You Don’t Ever Want Your Dentures to Fall Out Again

There’s simply nothing more embarrassing than the idea of your dentures falling out of your mouth during a meal, or at work, or even among family. If you’re ready to rid your life of this potential embarrassment, you need implant-supported dentures. To learn more about implant-supported dentures contact 1st In Smiles in Plano, TX. We can help give you back a smile you can love! Call our office at 972-380-8105 to make an appointment or fill out this online form.