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Have you turned on the TV lately or watched any online programs? Chances are, you found your show interrupted several times by dentistry commercials. That is, teeth whitening commercials. If you haven’t noticed this yet, pay attention this week to all the teeth whitening products and toothpaste ads or commercials you come across. Better yet, pay attention to the actors in your show. They probably have beautiful, white teeth – what we refer to as a Hollywood smile.

1st In Smiles can make your teeth look just as pearly white as the commercial actors or your favorite TV show actor! With Dr. Barfield’s teeth whitening treatments and teeth veneers procedure, you can get beautiful white teeth fast. But which is better for you? Read to find out.

Hiding Stains

If you have ever tried one of those whitening products from the commercial you watched last night, you probably didn’t get the results you wanted. And we can guarantee you didn’t get results quickly, if you saw any improvement at all. That’s because many of these products aren’t on your teeth long enough to make a difference. Plus, most aren’t strong enough to make a dramatic change quickly. Additionally, they can tackle surface stains only.

Opalescence Whitening

With our Opalescence teeth whitening, the product penetrates beneath the surface of your teeth to wipe out stains, whether from coffee, tea, red wine, or other staining foods and beverages. In an hour, you can get teeth that are several shades whiter! If you choose our Opalescence at-home whitening, you’ll see whiter results in about a week. Either option is good for an upcoming event, and our in-office whitening is perfect for that wedding or reunion this weekend!

With our teeth whitening, your results can last for several months. With touch-ups, they can last even longer.

Lumineers Veneers

Lumineers veneers can be even more effective at whitening your teeth. If you have severe stains from tobacco use, previous tooth decay, medications like tetracycline, or simply aging, veneers may be a better option for you. This is because you can choose the shade of the veneers to your liking. If you want to cover up your entire visible smile with veneers, why not go for a bright color? If you’re covering up just a few, we can match them to your other teeth. In fact, we can use both whitening and veneers if needed.

The other reason veneers might be better for you is because they cover up your entire tooth surface. If whitening is not strong enough to achieve the desired color you want, we may recommend veneers instead. They will completely hide your stains and leave no evidence of your dental history!

With that said, it’s important to know that we will take a couple of weeks to create your custom veneers. After you receive them, though, we can typically place the veneers in one visit.

Hiding Flaws

Opalescence Whitening

We mentioned that whitening can erase stains from your teeth. This is great if you have some teeth that are more discolored than others, but beyond that, whitening will not hide other flaws on your teeth. If you have a cracked tooth, for example, whitening cannot do anything for it. If you have untreated tooth decay, you can’t just cover it up with whitening; you’ll need us to treat the decay first. Teeth whitening also can’t brighten dental bonding or restorations such as crowns.

If all you’re looking for is a brighter smile, then teeth whitening is a good solution for you.

Lumineers Veneers

A great benefit of Lumineers is that they can hide more than just discolored or stained teeth. Because they are actually placed over top of your teeth, they can also cover up cracks, chips, and even oddly shaped teeth. In fact, they can be designed to cover a gap between teeth or even go over a crooked tooth to give it a straighter appearance.

While teeth whitening can’t whiten dental bonding, veneers can cover up the tooth entirely. However, if your teeth are otherwise good looking, then you may want to get a teeth whitening treatment instead.

Improving Your Overall Appearance

Opalescence Whitening

Have you noticed the dingier look of teeth with older people? Maybe this is you! Age can take a toll on your teeth, but whitening can reverse the damage and knock years off your age! Your teeth will be closer or even at the same hue they were when you were younger.

Lumineers Veneers

Veneers can have the same youthful-looking effect as whitening. By hiding your imperfections that have occurred over the years, you can maximize the appearance of a youthful smile.

For both treatments, you can give a better first impression. White, bright teeth can make you look more successful and more wealthy. Because of your new smile, you can experience a boost in self-esteem that can even make you seem more friendly!

Bang for Your Buck

Opalescence Whitening

If your main concern is cost, but you still want to achieve a whiter smile, consider our in-house whitening. Not only will you get a powerful whitening treatment in an hour, but we’ll give you take-home trays to keep up with your whitening!

A less expensive option is Opalescence take-home whitening. It can also be done at your convenience. Check out our Free Whitening for Life offer here to find out more about our free take-home trays and free whitening gel!

Lumineers Veneers

Lumineers are a more expensive option, but they also do more than just whiten your teeth. If you’re looking for brighter teeth and want to hide problems, set up a consultation with us to see how much veneers cost in our Plano, TX office. We also provide several payment options to make the cost of dentistry convenient for you.

Contact Us for a Better, Brighter Smile!

Now that you know two of your whitening options, it’s time to get that white smile you’ve always wanted! For your cosmetic dentistry consultation, contact us today!