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Welcome to the 1st In Smiles blog! We are glad that you found our online home, and we can’t wait to meet you in-person. Even if you have been away from the dentist for a while, you can be sure that there will be no judging or lecturing from us!

Since 1988, we have provided the Plano, TX area with exceptional dentistry, and our friendly staff will put you at ease the moment you walk through our doors. What’s more, we’ll provide you with all the education you need to keep your smile healthy and your breath fresh in-between visits to our office.

No one wants to walk around with bad breath, especially the chronic variety, halitosis.

In today’s post, we’ve assembled some tips for making your breath better.

Keep reading and then follow up with us to schedule your next preventive dental checkup!

Drink Lots of Water

You may not realize it, but staying sufficiently hydrated is probably the best thing you can do to keep bad breath from taking over.

How does water help? Here’s the skinny: saliva naturally destroys the bacteria in your mouth that is causing your bad breath. But for enough saliva to be produced, you will need to drink lots of refreshing water. Easy enough, right?

Pass on the Mints

Sure, an after-dinner mint may disguise the horrible taste in your mouth. And it may seem like a reasonable solution but it only makes matters worse in the end. The problem is that most mints are full of sugar. Once the mint has dissolved in your mouth, all that is left behind is a sugary residue that actually feeds the bacteria causing your breath problems. Trust us, it’s a vicious cycle!

Don’t Forget Your Tongue

Your tongue can hide bacteria and add to your breath woes. If you are experiencing chronic bad breath, take some time to scrape and brush your tongue. It will be time well spent. You have to take a comprehensive approach!

Brush and Floss Your Teeth and Gums

Even before you have teeth, there is dangerous bacteria on the loose in your mouth! And defeating bad breath is a matter of eliminating that bacteria.

To maintain fresh breath, you will need to brush and floss twice a day or more to drive bacteria out of the hiding spots in your mouth.

This will help keep your mouth fresh and clean in-between your preventive appointments in our office, which you should make right now!

Keep Your Smile Fresh!

We hope these tips have been helpful. As long as you are keeping up with good habits at home, we can take care of the rest. At 1st In Smiles, we are fully equipped with well-trained staff and all the latest dental technology to deliver the services that are right for you and your family at all stages of life.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask! Call our Plano, Texas office today at 972-380-8105 to take the next step!