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A women smiling

“Say cheese!”

You turn and flash a confident smile. Then you proceed to the food table and fill your plate with anything that catches your eye. You feel great about your replacement teeth because you got implant-supported dentures.

Your only regret is that you didn’t do this sooner. Now, you don’t have to fool around with gooey (and bad tasting) denture adhesives. Thanks to your dental implants, your new teeth no longer slip and slide around. You can bite with real force, and you chew your food comfortably, too.

Looking back, you’re so glad you called 972-380-8105 to make an appointment to discuss restorative dentistry with Dr. Barfield at 1st In Smiles.

Change Your Situation

When you lost your teeth, you probably had good reasons for getting traditional dentures. You may have been concerned about the cost of implants. You may have believed that dentures alone would be like have real teeth again.

Both of those are valid thoughts. Yet, in the long-run, having implants can do much more to restore more than just your smile. Implants give you the ability to smile, speak, and eat naturally again.

Implants replace the roots of your missing teeth. They act as an anchor for your dentures, holding them securely in position. This also prevents them from sliding around, and it lets you generate more power when you bite or chew.

This might seem like a small thing, but it can make a huge difference in your quality of life. When you aren’t worried about losing your teeth, you feel freer to speak and to choose foods you want to eat when dining out with family and friends. This can make social, personal, and professional situations easier and less stressful as well.

Make a Difference in Your Long-Term Oral Health

Bone loss is often overlooked as a concern when people lose teeth.

Before this happened, your roots held your teeth in place. Your roots were secured in your jawbone, which also benefitted from having your roots there.

The roots pushed into your jaw anytime you bit or chewed. As a result of that stimulation, your jaw created new bone tissue. This is necessary for maintaining a healthy jaw.

Without roots or implants to replace them, your jaw won’t make the new tissue need to stay healthy and strong. As your jaw shrinks, it changes how traditional dentures fit and feel. It’s why dentures move around more easily over time.

Implant-supported dentures can stop additional bone loss and keep your jaw in shape. This allows you to bite and chew more easily, more like you have healthy teeth again.

Do This for Yourself

You deserve to feel confident about your replacement teeth. You deserve to feel great about your oral health and your smile. You can with implants to secure your dentures.

Call 1st In Smiles in Plano, TX today a 972-380-8105 or contact us online to request an appointment.