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There are millions of Americans living with crooked teeth who wish they could correct their smiles without the hassle of metal braces. Traditional brackets and wires can be uncomfortable for the patient, and they stick out like a sore thumb. Metal braces have been used in dentistry for decades, and they work wonders for patients with crooked teeth or major bite issues. Today, metal braces are not the only option for correcting misaligned teeth.

Invisalign is a revolutionary new orthodontic solution that uses plastic aligners to gradually move the teeth into a more appropriate position. The aligners are removable, which makes it much easier for eating and cleaning. When I tell patients about the power of Invisalign, they look at me as if it cannot help their smile, but the reality is that Invisalign can correct alignment and bite issues.

So, today I want to cover a few facts about Invisalign. Below are five things you probably didn’t know – or at least realize – about Invisalign.

  1. Invisalign is virtually invisible. Invisible aligners are made from plastic and are nearly impossible to detect. In recent years, orthodontists and dentists have tried to mask the awkwardness of metal braces with tooth-colored wires and brackets, but the fact remains that metal braces are hardly subtle. Invisalign is just the opposite. We’ve had patients tell us that even their closest family members and friends had no idea that they were even having their teeth corrected. The plastic aligners also do not obstruct your speech and can be easily removed.
  2. You’re not too old or too young for Invisalign. Patients often believe they are too old or too young for Invisalign, but the truth is that Invisalign can work for adults and teens. Adults, especially, often believe they are past the point of orthodontics. That’s rarely ever true. You are never too old to straighten your teeth, and straight teeth will improve your overall oral health. Straight teeth make it easier to clean and floss and lower your risk of tooth decay.
  3. Invisalign can treat alignment issues and bite issues. Invisalign is not merely a cosmetic dental treatment. We can use Invisalign to treat alignment issues and to fix bite issues. Invisalign continues to advance so much that it can now treat severe malocclusion, as well as underbites and overbites.
  4. Invisalign treatment is minimally invasive. Invisalign is known to be much less invasive than traditional metal braces. Because of tightenings and wire changes, patients regularly experience tenderness while wearing metal braces. Some patients wearing metal braces also experience cut lips or gums and have major food restrictions. Invisalign does not use wires or brackets, so patients do not have to worry about tenderness caused by wire tightenings or changes. In some cases, patients experience tenderness after having a new aligner, but the pain generally subsides after a few days.

At Ist in Smiles, we take molds of the teeth and then design an Invisalign treatment plan that works for you. After your initial Invisalign consultation, we can craft a series of plastic aligners that will move your teeth into a better position. You’ll change out the aligners about once every three weeks until we find the desired position. With Invisalign, we can treat your alignment issues in as little as 12 months – which is about half of treatment time of traditional braces.

If you are struggling with crooked teeth but want to spare yourself the embarrassment of metal braces, call our office today and speak with us about Invisalign.