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Patient and doctor

We normally don’t recommend delaying routine dental care. Regular visits to our office for cleanings and exams help you avoid dental problems. However, these are not normal times. Avoiding contact with others may mean you need to postpone these kinds of visits. If you need to reschedule any upcoming appointments, call 1st in Smiles at 972-380-8105.

That said, there are oral health issues that should never be ignored.

Here are three dental problems you should address sooner rather than later:

  • A Toothache – Because it can be a sign of excessive decay or an infection, you never want to put your oral or overall health at risk by giving it time to spread and worsen.
  • Bleeding Gums – Your gums aren’t supposed to bleed, and in fact, this is one of the most common symptoms of advancing periodontal infection. Don’t dismiss it! See your Plano dentist to save your gums, your teeth, and your health.
  • Dental Damage – When a tooth becomes fractured, harmful bacteria have unlimited access to enter and infect the inner pulp, which is not only intensely painful, but it can get out of control and put your overall health at risk.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, call us ASAP. You may need treatment right away in order to avoid problems worsening to the point that they threaten your oral health.