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When to Think About Tooth Extractions

Welcome back to the 1st In Smiles Blog. We are here to protect your smile all through life, and together we can determine which treatments make the most sense for you at any given time.

Not too long ago a young lady, who was in her early 20s, came into our office for a regular checkup. When we got a look at his X-rays we saw that all four of her wisdom teeth, though they still hadn’t poked through, where threatening to encroach upon her surrounding teeth. Under the circumstances, we decided to set up what is known as a preemptive extraction.

She was on-board with our decision, and the story ended well for her.

Obviously, wisdom teeth pose a slightly different problem than regular teeth, but even so, no one wants to have teeth pulled unless it is absolutely necessary.

In some cases, though, that is exactly what needs to happen in order to keep the rest of your mouth healthy and looking its best. This strategy may seem strange, but there really are good reasons for subjecting you to an extraction, especially in the following circumstances…

Severe Tooth Decay

When there is intense damage or decay, your options become more and more limited. It goes without saying that our goal is always to save your natural teeth whenever it is possible. But if the tooth is too far gone to be saved by a dental filling, root canal therapy, or endodontic treatment, we might recommend an extraction. That is why it is best to stay on-top of your oral health.

Gum Disease

If advanced gum disease has ravaged your gums and underlying bone, the tooth in question may be too loose to be saved by conventional gum disease treatment. In this sort of scenario, the tooth must be removed and replaced with an implant. Gum disease actually accounts for the majority of adult tooth loss in this country and it attacks your body’s other systems too. It is nothing to fool around with.


This is a common situation for folks looking to restore their smile after initial tooth loss has occurred. Complete dentures or overdentures (dentures supported by dental implants) span the entire arch, so tooth extraction may be necessary if you are getting all of your teeth replaced. It will make the situation better for you in the end, so keep that in-mind.


Many people are shocked by this one. But your orthodontist may actually recommend tooth extraction if your mouth is too crowded. Braces need room to be able to move your teeth into a better alignment. At the end of the day, braces will improve the health and appearance of your smile, boost your confidence, etc.

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We can help determine if tooth extraction is the best treatment for your current dental issues. At 1st In Smiles, we offer safe and comfortable tooth removal for children and adults alike. Contact us today to learn more and make your next appointment.