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Gum disease, also called periodontal disease, is one of the most common health problems for all Americans. Gum disease is caused by the buildup of bacteria in your mouth; this bacteria eventually turns into plaque and can cause your gums to become inflamed. If left untreated, it can cause bad breath and more serious oral health problems such a teeth-loss.

Gum disease is nothing to take lightly, it affects nearly half of all adults in America. The dental consequences of the disease are serious enough; however other research has also linked into potentially fatal disease. These diseases include stroke, kidney disorder, respiratory infections, and even cancer and heart disease.

Gum disease is serious. However, it is also preventable and treatable. At 1st In Smiles in Plano, TX, we offer treatment for gum disease. We can even reverse gum disease during its early stages. We want all our patients to have healthy smiles that are free of gum disease. In today’s post of our dental health blog, we’re going to look at the stages of gum disease and the treatment it entails.

Early Stage Gum Disease: Gingivitis

Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease. It is a silent disease; symptoms may be mild or entirely absent in this stage of the disease. Gingivitis starts with inflammation of your gums; this is caused by a buildup of plaque on or under your gums.

Inflammation of your gums starts with a couple of symptoms. Your gums may bleed when you brush and floss your teeth. They may also feel tender during these same activities. Your gums will likely appear swollen and/or red during this stage of gum disease. If the disease is left untreated, you may experience bad breath and some sensitivity to ht and cold temperatures in food and drinks.

Gingivitis is easy to treat. At this point in the disease there is no tooth loss or permanent damage to your smile. Gingivitis is also reversible, you’ll need to brush and floss your teeth twice a day. We also recommend you undergo a professional dental cleaning every six months.

Advanced Gum Disease

Gingivitis will eventually mature into periodontal disease (advanced gum disease). This causes your gums to actually pull away from your teeth. This can actually cause pockets to form in your gums. These pockets trap in bacteria. In this stage of gum disease you will experience even more inflammation and infection. Over time, advanced gum disease will weaken the bones and tissues which support your teeth. Your teeth will begin to separate away from your teeth. You may need to have your teeth extracted as your bones and tissue weaken.

Treating Gum Disease

At 1st In Smiles in Plano, TX, we can treat gum disease. We are trained to detect signs of even the earliest signs of gum disease. We use the latest int technology to properly detect gum disease. This incredible technology includes digital x-rays and an intramural camera.

If we detect gum disease, we may recommend a deep cleaning for your teeth. You may have heard this procedure referred to as scaling and root planing. We begin by numbing your gums with a local anesthesia. Once the area is completely numb, we can clean away all the plaque and tartar build-up. We’ll remove the rough areas of the tooth root, reaching area where brushing and flossing alone cannot. After treatment, your gums will be able to heal.

If a deep cleaning alone is not sufficient, we also offer the Advanced Atridox® System. This system involves the placement of an antibiotic directly into the infected areas of your gum. The antibiotic releases over several days to help heal the gums.

Make an Appointment

Are you worried about the health of your gums? If you fear you are suffering from gum disease, then contact us today for an appointment. At 1st In Smiles in Plano, TX, we offer treatment for all the stages of gum disease. Then call us today at 972-380-8105 for an appointment.