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Hello once more Plano! Welcome back to the ongoing dental health blog of 1st In Smiles. Are you planning to watch the ball drop on New Year’s Eve? When that countdown reaches zero, do you have the confidence you need to lean over and kiss a loved one? Or do crooked teeth make you feel self-conscious about showing your smile?

In our last post, we mentioned sedation dentistry as an excellent option for your oral health in the New Year. In today’s post we want to talk about another excellent option for your oral health if you have crooked or misaligned teeth: Invisalign clear braces from 1st In Smiles in Plano, TX.

There are many reasons why walking around with a mouthful of crooked or misaligned teeth is less than ideal. You might feel embarrassed to speak in public for fear of someone noticing your teeth. It can even be difficult to laugh and enjoy laugh if you’re ashamed of the appearance of your teeth. But crooked and misaligned teeth can also lead other health problems such as tooth decay or malnutrition.

But if you started orthodontic treatment with Invisalign clear braces today, we could have you looking great by next year. That means no more New Year’s spent feeling ashamed about your smile!

Invisalign clear braces from 1st In Smiles in Plano, TX, are a completely metal-free alternative to traditional adult braces. It’s a new year, isn’t it time you had a new smile? In today’s post, we’re going to tell you more about the four “C”s of Invisalign clear braces: clear, customizable, convenient, and comfortable.

The First “C”: Invisalign Is the Clear Choice for a Healthy Smile

Invisalign clear braces are designed to showcase your smile, even during your orthodontic treatment. Your Invisalign dentist will provide you with a series of clear aligners to wear; these aligners work to steadily realign your teeth. Instead of having to deal with metal brackets and wires making you look immature, Invisalign clear braces keep your orthodontic treatment a secret. Invisalign is designed to be invisible in your smile!

The Second “C”: Treatment With Invisalign Is Completely Customizable

At 1st In Smiles in Plano, TX, we want your smile to appear just the way you imagine it. The advanced computer technology behind Invisalign allows your Invisalign dentist to plan and customize your treatment. Your Invisalign dentist will review whatever goals you have for your smile, then create a 3D model of your teeth to create your custom aligners. We can even show you a smile of your preview before you begin treatment. If you see something in your smile preview you want to change, let us know and we will!

The Third “C”: Treatment With Invisalign Is Convenient

Invisalign clear braces from 1st In Smiles in Plano, TX, are convenient by design. Invisalign uses clear, removable aligners instead of metal brackets and wires. Each aligner is worn for about two weeks, then you move onto the next aligner. You receive several aligners at a visit, decreasing the amount of appointments you have to make. Treatment with Invisalign only takes about twelve months, half the time as traditional braces.

Invisalign’s removable aligners are also far more convenient than dealing with rigid metal brackets and wires. Instead of limiting your diet to avoid food which won’t get stuck in your braces, you simply take out your aligners before you eat. Invisalign is also more convenient when it comes time to brush your teeth. Instead of attempting to brush around brackets and wires, you just remove your aligner.

The Fourth “C”: Treatment With Invisalign Is Comfortable

Invisalign are made of specially molded plastic which rest comfortably on your teeth. With Invisalign clear braces from 1st In Smiles in Plano, TX, you never have to worry about brackets and wires scratching the inside of your mouth. Wearers of traditional braces often complain that their braces feel like they are pulling on their teeth. Invisalign is far more comfortable, as the plastic aligners gently reposition your teeth.

A New Year, a New Smile

Are you ready to have a smile that you’re proud to show-off? Then make 2016 the year you do something about your crooked or misaligned teeth! Schedule a consultation with your Invisalign dentist at 1st In Smiles in Plano, TX. You can reach our office by calling 972-380-8105.