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Greetings Plano! Welcome back to the ongoing dental health care blog of 1st In Smiles. In this blog, we’ve talked several times about how we help our patients overcome their fear of visiting the dentist office. But sometimes a patient’s fear has nothing to do with actually undergoing dental treatment. Many patients are simply afraid they cannot afford dental work.

At 1st In Smiles in Plano, TX, we’re committed to providing the highest levels of dental care possible at an affordable cost. We believe dental care should be accessible for everyone in the Plano, TX area. When a patient puts off the dental care they need, it often ends up costing them a lot more money in the long run.

Take a routine appointment for example. During a routine appointment we clean your teeth and remove plaque and tartar from your teeth. If plaque or tartar are not removed, you can suffer from tooth decay. Once your teeth are decayed we have to restore them to health with a tooth-colored filling or a dental crown. It’s much less expensive to come into our office for preventative care.

In today’s post, we want to detail some of the ways we make dentistry affordable at 1st In Smile in Plano, TX. We have several financing options available, we will process your claims with your dental insurance provider, and we have several money saving promotions you can take advantage of!

We’re sure we perked your attention with the mention of money saving promotions. We always like to reward patients for choosing 1st In Smiles in Plano, TX, as their dental health care provider. Just consider some of the amazing promotions available at our office!

Just for visiting our office for a comprehensive exam, we will give you a Phillips Sonicare toothbrush! Sonicare is an industry leading toothbrush which vibrates to help remove plaque and dental tartar from your teeth. These amazing brushes can save you a lot of money by preventing tooth decay from occurring. We also have a promotion where if you purchase a Sonicare toothbrush from us, we’ll give you a free dental exam and x-rays!

We also Free Whitening for Life for our regular patients. As a reward for coming for your regular check-ups will provide you with free whitening take-home trays as well as free teeth whitening gel. This amazing value is a great way to not only ensure you have a health smile, but a beautiful smile as well!

If you’re interested in learning more about Invisalign, we can provide you with a free consultation. We’ll examine your teeth to determine if you are a candidate for the revolutionary Invisalign system of orthodontics. Invisalign is a great way to straighten your teeth without having to deal with the discomfort of traditional metal braces.

But that’s not all! We’re always happy to offer free second opinions to patients of other dentists. If you’ve been told you need a treatment you’re not comfortable with, we can examine your teeth and let you know if any alternatives exist. We also offer a price matching policy, so you know you’re getting the best dental work possible at a fair price!

If you’re worried about paying for your dental care, you’ll be pleased to learn about the many convenient payment plans we have available. We always accept cash, personal checks, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa for payment. If you need to undergo a lengthier or more expensive treatment, we offer in-office financing. Under this affordable plan you pay for half the cost of your treatment up-front, then make three payments over three months to pay the balance.

We are also registered as a CareCredit provider. If qualify, CareCredit allows you to pay off the cost of your treatment with 12 month, no-interest financing. CareCredit also offers long-term and low-interest financing plans to help you afford the dental care you deserve. CareCredit does not require any fees or down payment.

If you have any questions about our patient promotions or financing options, we encourage to call or stop by our office. 1st In Smiles is committed to providing quality and affordable dentistry to residents of the Plano, TX area. You can reach our office by calling 972-380-8105. Making that phone call is your first step towards a healthy smile!