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January is a time when people all over the world make positive changes that will affect their health and happiness in the year to come. If you’ve decided that 2018 is the year you quit smoking or using other tobacco products, we commend you for your commitment. You’ve probably heard how smoking cessation can improve your health. But did you know it can improve your smile almost immediately?

And the longer you go without tobacco products, the healthier and more beautiful your smile will become! Read on for some of the ways discontinuing use of tobacco products for good can improve your oral health.

Then, partner with the caring professionals at 1st In Smiles to ensure nothing gets in the way of your journey to improved oral health. Routine dental exams and professional cleanings allow us to check for the earliest signs of oral health complications, so we can address the problem quickly. Plus, we’ll be cheering you on toward your cessation goals!

Call our Plano, TX office at 972-380-8105 to schedule an appointment.

Almost Immediately After You Quit Smoking…

Once you decide to stop smoking or using other tobacco products, you’ll begin to notice several exciting changes taking place with your smile.

First, your teeth will stop yellowing. Tobacco stains your teeth, so it makes sense that cutting off exposure to it will stop the discoloration process. This isn’t to say, however, that your teeth will return to their pre-tobacco use shade. Luckily, though, we can help with that.

Our professional teeth whitening treatments are tough on stains — even stubborn ones caused by years of tobaccos use. For the most effective stain removal, we recommend in-office Opalescence Boost teeth whitening treatments. This cosmetic treatment makes it possible to remove years of stains in as little as one hour with little to no irritation. We also offer custom-made at-home whitening treatments if you’d prefer to brighten your smile from the privacy of your own home.

Why not use these treatments as an incentive? Set a goal, such as going two months without a cigarette. Once you reach it, celebrate with a teeth whitening treatment. Chances are, you’ll love your whiter smile so much you’ll want to keep going on your smoking cessation journey.

In addition to dental staining, you’ll also notice that foods and drinks will taste better. A recent study found that nicotine dependence seemed to dull a person’s ability to taste foods. Plus, the longer you go without smoking, the better your food will taste. After roughly two months without tobacco products, your sense of taste will be comparable to that of a non-smoker again.

Down the Road…

Of course, the longer you go without tobacco products, the healthier you’ll become and the happier you’ll feel.

Because smoking increases your susceptibility to gum disease, your risk of periodontal disease will drop after you quit. In general, tobacco introduces your mouth to all sorts of irritants that can lead to bacterial buildup and infection.

Smoking cessation will cut back on the bacteria and other irritants in your mouth. This will help eradicate some of the negative dental health effects associated with smoking, such as:

  • Bad breath
  • Tooth loss
  • Gum disease
  • Increased plaque and tartar buildup

Here’s a big benefit of kicking the habit: After five years of smoking cessation, your risk for oral cancer is cut in half. According to the American Cancer Society, those who smoke are six times more likely than non-smokers to develop cancers of the mouth, lips, tongue, and throat.

Oral cancer is often not caught until its late stages because people simply aren’t looking for it on a regular basis. But at 1st In Smiles, we test for oral cancer during routine checkups. This allows us to regularly look for any abnormalities and catch them early if they should appear.

Let’s Work Together Toward Your Smoking Cessation Goals

Smoking cessation is a difficult but ultimately rewarding journey. Enlisting the help of a support system can make it easier! Ask your friends and family to cheer you on. And, partner with a caring team of dental professionals who genuinely care about your health and your goals.

At 1st In Smiles, we’ll provide both excellent dental care and moral support. We love it when our patients make great gains toward a healthier lifestyle. Our practice prides itself on forming relationships with our patients so we can better provide personalized dental care!

If you’re in need of dental care in the Plano, TX area, call us at 972-380-8105 to schedule an appointment, or use our convenient online form.