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What would Thanksgiving be like without all the food? Sure, you’d still have fun with all your friends and family. But you’d probably miss all the food and trimmings – more than just a little bit. Yams cooked to precision. The turkey, oven-baked and filled with homemade stuffing. Maybe even some cranberry sauce to top-off the whole delicious lot. Yes, a Thanksgiving without the food is not much of a Thanksgiving at all.

Sadly, many Americans will suffer through a Thanksgiving without these delicious foods. Not because the food isn’t available to them, but because it hurts too much for them to chew their dinner. Does that sounds like? Do decayed teeth cause you frequent and reoccurring toothaches? Or do missing teeth simply make it that much harder to chew?

At 1st In Smiles in Plano, TX, we have treated a countless number of patients with similar stories. One of the great joys of dentistry is helping people reclaim spice and variety in their lives; we accomplish this by helping them to eat the foods they adore once more. At our comfortable and modern office we offer many cutting-edge and time-tested methods for relieving your dental pain. We want our patients to feel good about their smile, and be able to eat.

In today’s post of our dental health blog, we’re going to tell you about three of the top ways we can restore your ability to chew. If you have a painfully damaged or decayed tooth, we can repair it with a customized dental crown. If you are in need of dentures, we can help fit and select just the right pair for your needs. If you have a gap in your smile caused by a missing tooth, we can fix that too (with a dental implant)!

Chew Again With a Dental Crown

Teeth can become damaged or decayed in a variety of ways. A poor or inconsistent brushing and flossing routine can result in tooth decay. A fall or accident can also damage or fracture your teeth. Some patients just have a genetic predisposition to tooth decay. But the cause does not matter; we can relieve much of the pain caused by a damaged or decayed tooth with a dental crown. In just two easy appointments to our office in Plano, TX, we can have you chewing again.

Many cavities can be fixed with a filling. But sometimes the damage and decay is beyond the point of that quick repair.In those cases, you may need a dental crown. A crown is a special cap-like covering for your tooth; a crown not only restores the shape and size of your tooth, a crown also strengthens it and protests it from decay. Crowns are great and fast way to regain your ability to chew.

To install your customized dental crown, we begin by carefully and painstakingly removing the existing decay from your tooth. We then take a mold of your tooth in order to create a custom crown. When the crown has been prepared, you will return to our office and we will place it in a painless procedure. Our crowns are made out of porcelain or other ceramic materials; they are a perfect match for your natural teeth.

Get the Best Dentures in Plano, TX

Are you considering dentures? Or do you need a replacement pair? We can provide full dentures and partial dentures to restore your ability to chew. Gum disease, tooth decay, or injury may have caused you to lose your teeth. But that doesn’t mean you have to live a life without the foods you love. Dentures are a time-tested and budget friendly way to replace missing teeth. Our dentures are custom-made, and available in a variety of styles to fit your budget. We can even secure your dentures in place with dental implants. Our dentures look just like real-teeth, and they fit so well that no one will know it’s not your natural teeth that your chewing with!

Replace a Missing Tooth With a Dental Implant

Dental implants are the most secure, long-term replacement for a missing tooth. With our dental implants, you can restore up to ninety percent of the chewing ability of your missing natural tooth. Dental implants means that you’ll never again have to struggle with eating corn on the cob, steak, or your other favorite foods. Dental implants also help prevent you from appearing to age prematurely due to sagging face caused by missing teeth.

Make an Appointment

Are you ready to eat a turkey leg, right off the bone? If you’re tired of living in pain and being unable to chew, then call 1st In Smiles in Plano, TX, today. You can reach our office at 972-380-8105.