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Women sleeping peacefully

Jaw pain caused by a TMJ disorder (TMD) can negatively impact your life. It certainly did for Kandace, one of our patients. Watch this video to hear her explain how she couldn’t enjoy talking or eating, two of her favorite activities. And how she got relief with a custom-made night guard from 1st in Smiles.

TMJ disorders are often caused or worsened by teeth grinding or clenching. In addition, these habits can also result in worn-down or otherwise damaged teeth. Grinding or clenching often occurs when people are under stress, as Kandace was while attending college.

She has been using her night guard for more than seven years and calls it a “lifesaver.”

If you’re experiencing jaw pain, a custom night guard could help you too. Call 1st in Smiles at 972-380-8105 to make an appointment and see if a night guard is right for you.