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Your dream smile… what does it look like? Does it mirror the looks of models and Hollywood stars on the covers of magazines? Are you seeking perfection that rivals Photoshop, or are you looking for something else. Maybe you just want your teeth to look normal! They don’t have to be perfect, but you’d like to feel confident when you smile.

No matter which end of the spectrum you are on (or you may be somewhere in the middle), we have cosmetic dentistry options that work for you. Our Plano, TX dentist office is known for quality, affordable cosmetic work that will transform your look into something you can be proud of.

Before you pick up the phone to call, you need to decide if cosmetic dentistry is really something you desire. It’s not for everyone, but it can have a massive impact on your life. Imagine actually feeling happy to smile at yourself in the mirror! Think about it, and then keep reading to learn more.

It’s Time to Do Something for Yourself

We wish we could tell you the number of patients we see who have never, ever put themselves first. Mothers who have been caring for their children for years are finally stepping to the front of the line and taking back their smiles. Singles who can never feel comfortable on a date because they are terrified to smile. People reaching a point in their lives where everything has finally lined up, and it’s time to take the jump into a beautiful smile solution.

If this sounds like you, it’s time to consider cosmetic dentistry. There are a million reasons why patients would come to the dental office for cosmetic work, but you only need one to change your life forever.

Identify the Problems

Once you have decided that cosmetic dentistry is the next step for your smile, it’s time to pick up that mirror and take a look at what exactly is going on. Maybe you’ve hated your smile for your entire life, but can you pinpoint exactly what it is that you don’t like? For almost every patient, the problem falls into one of the following categories.

Color – Teeth whitening is the number one requested cosmetic procedure in dental offices across the United States. Just take a walk down the dental aisle at your store to see that whitening is a big deal. Whether you have one tooth that is discolored, or all of your teeth have lost their brilliant white, color is a big deal for a beautiful smile!

Shape – The shape of your smile refers to the shapes of your teeth and how they compare to one another. Most patients want teeth that look uniform with a nice, long, even shape. All of your teeth should be about the same length, and your gums should be at a healthy level to showcase your teeth rather than taking them over.

Alignment – Teeth that are crooked, crowded, or overlapping one another are troublesome. Aligning your teeth, especially those in your smile, can transform the way you look and feel about your smile. Alignment also makes it easier to keep your teeth healthy and can take care of some issues with jaw pain.

Find the Perfect Solution

Now that you have identified the problems in your smile, it’s time to talk about solutions! What can our dental office do to help you get the smiles that you see on the magazine covers? We have some good news! Check out some of the most popular cosmetic options available to you.

Whitening – Sometimes smile flaws aren’t even noticed if your teeth are beautifully white. No one will notice that slight chip or misshaped tooth if it is perfectly white! We offer Opalescence Boost teeth whitening (in-office and take-home), which will whiten your teeth while strengthening your tooth enamel! You can also ask us about FREE teeth whitening for life!

Veneers – For teeth that are broken, chipped, cracked, discolored, crooked, uneven, gapped, and more, veneers can make a huge impact. Lumineers veneers are ultra thin, prep-free veneers that cover the most obvious smile flaws to create a perfect smile.

Invisalign – Misaligned teeth can be corrected with Invisalign orthodontic treatment. Unlike other braces that are obvious to everyone around you, Invisalign braces are clear and completely invisible to those around you!

Get More Information Today!

Are you looking for a smile solution that will allow you to get the smile of your dreams without tons of expensive or painful cosmetic dental work? It’s time to contact us at 1st in Smiles. We have options that will transform your smile into something spectacular. Call today to set up an appointment or to learn more. We can’t wait to hear from you!