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In our previous post, we talked about the importance of preventing decay through your at-home routines as well as our in-office procedures. Protecting your teeth from decay will help you to have a smile you can count on for the rest of your life! The alternative is expensive and sometimes uncomfortable, so we really want you to maintain those natural teeth for as long as you can.

That being said, there is more at play here than just brushing, flossing, and seeing the dentist (though those are the top three defenses against decay). Your diet has a massive impact. To ignore that is to ignore your oral health completely.

Your Entire Diet Affects Your Smile

Everything you consume goes through your mouth. It’s no wonder that those things affect your teeth and oral health! Today we want to talk about things you can do to protect your teeth. You can begin with your very next grocery trip! Patients of our Plano, TX dentist office love these tips!

Knowing What to Avoid:

Know what to avoid when you are at the grocery store. Know that the store is setting up aisles to attract you to buy. Know that if you don’t look at the label on the back of the food that you buy, there is no way for you to really know how much sugar is contained. Take a look below to see what we mean.

Card-Loaded Snacks – We think pretzels and crackers are the healthier option for us, but just because they are not sweet does not mean that they don’t contain sugar! Carbohydrates and starches in food stick to your teeth. You know that thick, gummy substance that gets stuck in your teeth after eating pretzels? It’s really difficult to remove, which gives way to decay!

Sugary Drinks – We always have a drink next to us. Whether you stay home or go to work, you always have something within arm’s reach. The question is simply: what do you have? Coffee, soda, tea, sports drinks, or juice is generally not great for your teeth, especially soda. The only beverage to keep next to you throughout the day is water! It’s the only beverage that is safe to bathe your teeth in all day long.

Hidden Sugars – The scary part of food purchasing is that we rarely know where all of the sugar is in our food. We don’t read the label, and we don’t think about hidden sugar sources. The next time you’re in the store, look at the back of a ketchup bottle and see what we mean. Sugar has many names and many forms. Beware of what you are purchasing for your family!

Know Where to Invest:

There are some areas of the grocery where you can really invest your money wisely. You’ll be purchasing healthier foods that taste great and are great for your teeth! Take a look below to get an idea of where we would recommend that you invest your money!

Fresh Produce – You simply cannot beat fresh produce for a snack or side during a meal. Crisp, crunchy fruits and vegetables are good for your waistline and good for your teeth! They will even scrub your teeth as you chew!

Quality Water System – Drinking sugary beverages shouldn’t be much of an option for your family (unless it’s every once in awhile), but we realize that not everyone has access to really great water. You can help your family by purchasing a quality water filtration system. These special filter remove impurities from your water, but leave in the good stuff, like fluoride!

Lean Proteins – Frozen meals and instant food are often loaded with hidden sugar. You can help your family eat better by investing in lean protein to balance out your meals. There are ways to cook these foods in a quick and healthy manner so that your family is satisfied and your time isn’t lost!

Make a List and Stick To It!

Remember what we said about the grocery store trying to set you up to purchase certain things? That’s why a list is so important. It’s much like when you are on a diet: you only buy the things on the list! Once you have changed your habits to eat healthier foods, you will find that it is easier to go to the grocery and not be tempted!

Contact Our Office to Learn More

Are you ready to have a healthier smile? Contact our office today to set up appointments for your entire family. We would love to see all of the smiles you love, so call soon. While you are here, we can discuss your diet and how it may be impacting the health of your smile!