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One of the top 20 fears of Americans relates to money (or rather not having enough). We know that many people skip the dentist because they think they can’t pay for it, or are afraid they’ll get there and then be guilted into paying for a treatment they can’t afford.

1st In Smiles thinks everyone should have the opportunity to receive excellent dental care without sweating over the bills. We offer several convenient payment options to fit your budget and even specials that we hope you will take advantage of, like a free exam with the purchase of a Sonicare toothbrush. Learn more our payment options here and our specials and promotions here, or call for more details.

Another thing you might consider when it comes to paying for the dentist is that dental treatment is an excellent long-term investment. Coming in for regular checkups isn’t very expensive, but waiting years for care can result in lingering problems that now cost a lot more money to fix, not to mention time, pain, and a possible toll on your health. This is true for one of the most common preventable oral problems: gum disease. If caught early, it’s treatable and reversible with regular preventative cleanings, but later can lead to tooth loss that’s irreparable and even other dangerous health problems that aren’t in your mouth.