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Welcome back to the 1st In Smiles blog!

Our Plano, Texas office is a welcoming environment, where everyone is made to feel comfortable, and well attended to. Oh, and this is also a lecture-free zone. So, even if you have been away for a while, or are experiencing some level of dental anxiety (a very real and dangerous condition), we can help you get the care you deserve without any hassles or discomfort.

Besides extending the standard courtesies and putting you in contact with well-trained, compassionate professionals, we also have modern methods for relaxation at our disposal.

Around here, we actually offer three different types of dental sedation, according to your planned procedure, the length and number of treatments, and your level of anxiety.

Just so you know, sedation is also a great way to help anyone who has trouble sitting still, has sensitive teeth or gums, or has a low tolerance for pain and needles, and so forth.

Keep reading to hear about the types of sedation we can set you up with, and then be sure to follow up and make your next appointment with us. You’ll be glad that you did! A cleaning and exam now is a whole lot better than dealing with root canals, extractions, or worse down the road!

Nitrous Oxide

Like we said, we do have a few good options. The most basic of these is nitrous oxide (laughing gas). It can definitely help you feel more at ease while you are here.

How does it work? The gas will be administered to you through a non-invasive mask that rests gently over your nostrils. It’s easy and pain-free. You will just breathe normally throughout your procedure, and our team can regulate the amount of sedation you receive.

This sedation method works well for anyone with mild anxiety and can be used in conjunction with any of our dental services. Sounds good, right?

Oral Conscious Sedation

Do you need to go deeper? We can take you there! Oral sedation is a prescription sedative that you take, usually about an hour before your appointment is scheduled to occur.

Through the help of this little pill, you might not even remember why you were ever afraid of the dentist, and you’ll definitely want to have a friend lined up to drive you home.

Come see for yourself!

IV Sedation

We like to make sure you have options. IV sedation is a very direct and powerful method of sedation, and its effects will be felt immediately. For this method, a sedative is administered right into your bloodstream by way of an intravenous injection.

IV sedation will make you feel very relaxed, and comfortable enough to get through even our most invasive procedures. Accordingly, you will be able to rest easy throughout your visit and remember little of the experience when we are through.

It’s here if you need it!

Take Back Your Health!

If you suffer from dental anxiety or believe that sedation dentistry can help you relax better, just let us know when you make your next appointment by calling 972-380-8105.